Parish Planning Council

The Council is made up of the Officers of OSLC and the heads of each Board.

Board of Elders

These men are elected by the congregation to assist the Pastor in running the church and to be in service to God's people in this congregation.

Altar Guild

These women serve under the direction of the Board of Elders. It is their responsibility to care for and maintain the altar and its furnishings and to prepare and beautify the sanctuary for worship, all to the glory of God.

Board of Christian Education

This Board is responsible before the church to ensure that Bible classes, Sunday school, and Vacation Bible School are carried out regularly and appropriately.

Board of CrossTown Preschool

This Board serves as a liaison between the preschool and the church.

Board of Evangelism

The Board of Evangelism's objectives are to deepen the faith of the members of OSLC and to enable them to share the Gospel with the unchurched.

Board of Fellowship

The Board of Fellowship works to strengthen the spiritual and social bonds between our members and to bring new members into our fellowship.

Board of Stewardship

This Board seeks to foster good stewardship attitudes among our members in regards to time, talent and treasure.

Board of Trustees

This Board serves as the first line of defense for this church in maintaining the property and buildings.

Board of Ushers

The Ushers help to direct the worship services by maintaining order and decorum in the sanctuary. They also provide assistance to the assisting Elder as needed.

Board of Youth Services

The Board of Youth Services oversees the activities of both the Junior and Senior youth groups. They are concerned with the spiritual, emotional and mental growth of our youth.



The Lutheran Women's Missionary League works to support and promote the mission endeavors of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod.

Men's Group

The Men's Group encourages men in their spiritual growth by meeting twice monthly for Bible study. They also plan and execute social events such as cookouts within the church.